The Magic Formula

Hey all, I want to talk about a simple concept/formula I share with my clients who are working on fixing their dog’s behavior problems. Now, it’s not complicated, and it certainly isn’t rocket science, but when you truly wrap your head around it, and master this simple formula, you will dramatically improve your ability to affect and change unwanted behavior in your dog.

Ok, you ready?

Here she is: Address the smallest infraction, the split second it begins.

Too simple, too easy, right?


Mastering this simple concept, by becoming adept at seeing the FIRST sign of a behavioral shift, and getting your timing/reaction so solid, and so quick that you are on top of it at this first sign, is a skill that all great dog trainers have in their tool box (and what usually allows them to create the appearance of magical abilities – Cesar is someone who is a master of this). You can have it as well – but it takes dedication and consistent work.

The beauty of this simple formula is, if you consistently catch the problem at it’s smallest or its least intensity, and you’re able to prevent its escalation, you will likely never see the problem in its full bloom.

And that my friends, is indeed a good thing!

Feel free to share your thoughts below!


  1. Linda Schroeder said:

    What is the smallest thing? Look for clues! You know your dog!!! Your dog’s eye’s shift (before his head moves)–correct……ears twitching—watch!……tail posture changes—alert!!

    Don’t YOU be distracted while training your dog! What is your focus? On your dog!! Simple.

    Hey Sean….if you don’t want me to make a comment on every post….tell me to give it a rest…otherwise…as I see the link come through on facebook—I click over…..

  2. oshandy said:

    Great suggestions Linda! These tiny little moments are the ones that many owners miss, and next thing you know, BOOM, you’re off to the races. The more tuned in you are the better your timing will be, and the better your dog will behave.

    As for your comments, no way! Keep ’em coming! My goal for this blog is to create an environment/community in which I can share information and knowledge that I think is valuable, and then have the community step in and share their thoughts, elaborate, pose questions, agree, disagree etc. I’m looking to spark conversations and thoughts, and then have them grow from there.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. gordana bordighi said:

    I agree and find this ‘simple’ hint to be the most helpful – especially with puppies. It’s harder to ‘remove’ a bad behavior than it is to deal with it (I’ve got 2 pups now & had to remember how different they are than the older dogs I normally take in)…..Let’s be honest..I’m “undoing” ….lol..but if at first you don’t succeed, ofcourse you will have to learn it again…

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