Monthly Archives: November 2013

By Sean O’Shea

Use your energy, state of mind, and body language to pull the dog your working with in the emotional direction you want them to go.

If you’re dealing with a highly anxious, nervous, reactive, or excited dog, focus intensely on slowing everything down: your breathing, your speaking, your movements etc. And be sure all of your actions have a super smooth, non-jagged/jumpy feeling to them. This will calm the dog down, slow the dog down (physically and mentally), make him feel far more relaxed, trusting, and safe with you, and will allow the dog to ‘hear’ what you’re trying to share with him. (Because you will be removing stress/anxiety/excitement through your actions rather than increasing them)

All the best tools and strategies in the world will be rendered virtually useless if you’re unaware of the enormous conversation your energy, state of mind, and body language is having on the dog you’re working with.

Remember, pull the dog in the emotional and behavioral direction you want him to go, through your own modeling and intention.

It’s powerful stuff!


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