The Secret To Transformation…

By Sean O’Shea

Truth be told, we almost never specifically address issues head on. What we do is what we always do – we work our foundational program. We teach the dog how to be calm, we teach the dog how to be respectful, we teach the dog that we’ll be handling the big stuff from now on, we teach the dog that he doesn’t have a million options, we teach the dog that every sound or sight isn’t necessarily cause for a meltdown, we teach the dog who has been moving his entire life how to finally sit still, and we teach the dog that we will advocate for him.

Once we create the above, the dog’s state of mind is so dramatically changed; he is so much calmer, so much less stressed, so much less anxious, so used to practicing impulse control, and so used to deferring to people that the laundry list of issues he came with have almost always disappeared.

Learning this and learning how to consistently create this transformation was probably my biggest personal breakthrough as a trainer. When I started out I used to try to address each problem head on – I was attacking the symptoms rather than the problem – and it was hard on me, hard on the dog, hard on the owner, and far less successful. Once I had the realization of how true transformation was created – by removing foundational stress and anxiety – everything changed.

So if you’re looking to change challenging behavior issues, remember that these issues are only the symptoms of a bigger, deeper problem, not the problem itself. When you learn to see how the foundational state of mind creates everything else, you finally have the magic key to unlocking and resolving all of your dog’s issues.


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