My dog training journey began 12 years ago when I adopted my first two rescue dogs, Junior and Oakley. Like many of my clients, my approach to training at the time was constant affection, spoiling, and absolutely no rules or leadership. This, of course, led to some pretty serious behavior problems in both of my dogs. One became extremely dog-aggressive and would attack any dog it came in contact with. The other became extremely pushy, challenging, and dominant, growling at me if I tried to do anything he didn’t care for. Once I realized how bad things were, I knew I had to straighten it out and determine what the problem was – which, of course, after careful examination, turned out to be me.

This led me to an exhaustive study of all styles of dog training and behavior modification. Using my two incorrigibles as guinea pigs, I began my journey to figure out what methods of dog training worked, and which techniques created lasting results, with even the toughest of behaviors. It wasn’t long before dog owners in my neighborhood started commenting on my exceptionally well-behaved dogs. Next thing I knew, I was being asked to help people with their dogs’ problem behavior, and soon vets and other trainers began to recommend me for their more severe cases (aggression towards dogs, people, resource guarding, etc.), and it wasn’t long until The Good Dog was born.

My strengths are in my ability to relate to and understand the psychology of both the humans and the dogs. You don’t get a well-balanced dog without having both the humans and the dogs in sync. By teaching the humans what their dogs’ true needs are, we bridge the gap between the two species and are able to create a harmonious relationship where both the dogs and the humans are fulfilled, balanced, and happy.


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  1. patiodaddio said:

    Sean – I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I really dig your videos (and Jeff Gellman’s). I have a new dog and your info is incredibly helpful. Boomer (a Boxer/Border Collie mix) is a generally good boy, but he needs structure and boundary work. Through your videos I feel very much empowered to give him what he needs.

    Here’s a product quest/idea for you. Why hasn’t eCollar or someone come out with an e-stim collar with a bark corrector? It seems like a total no-brainer to me. Who wants to juggle a bunch of collars?

    Thanks for all that you do.


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